Magic Kingdom and the Keys to the Kingdom Tour

I have been to Disney World with my kids for several years, with the first year being in 2009!

My husband got to celebrate his birthday during his first Disney trip!

However, I had the opportunity to go to Disney World with just my 17-year-old son in March of 2019. We went to Disney to watch his brother, my 15-year-old son, play at the Magic Kingdom with his high school marching band.

I love that the band students got special ears for marching!

It was a great opportunity for both of my sons. The fifteen-year-old got to play the snare drum in the Magic Kingdom this year for his second trip to Disney with his band during his high school career, so he got to spend time with his friends while I got to have some good one-on-one time with the seventeen-year-old. We flew to Orlando and spent five days at the Boardwalk Inn and Villas, getting to use our Disney Vacation Club for the first time! That alone was a great experience, but we added our first Disney World Tour to our list of activities for this trip! We did the Keys to the Kingdom tour!!

The Keys to the Kingdom tour was fantastic!

The staff worked with me prior to even getting to Orlando because the marching band’s performance time was changed to exactly the same time we were supposed to be on the Keys to the Kingdom tour. We booked our tour at the 180-day mark and the band informed us the performance time was changed with less than a week’s notice!! The staff was willing and able to move us to a later time and then keep me informed of my son’s marching band performance because the rain kept moving their start time back further and further on the day of their performance/our tour. Thankfully, I was able to see the fifteen-year-old before we began the tour!

I and my son shortly before the tour started…thankfully the rain went away before our tour was even halfway completed!

The tour was a great opportunity to see aspects of the Magic Kingdom that we would not have been able to see otherwise and to learn interesting facts! One of the first things we learned was that all of the American flags on Main Street USA, besides the main flag, were not actual flags. They were pennants. They were either missing a star or a stripe and, thus, could be left up all of the time and did not have to be raised and lowered daily like the true American flag. That is something I would have never paid close enough attention to even notice. I’m typically more focused on the castle than on the flags!

We learned a lot of information!

We were able to see and walk through the utilidors under the Magic Kingdom, use the servant’s entrance to enter the Haunted Mansion and get a special tour of the Jungle Cruise. Additionally, we had lunch at Peco’s Bills. I had no idea that you could get fantastic fajitas at a theme park!

My seventeen-year-old said his favorite part of the tour was learning about the history of Disney World and the Magic Kingdom. He added that he enjoyed being able to do things that very few people get to do at Disney World, especially going under the Magic Kingdom. I thought it was neat that we got to walk under all of the activity on the main level of Magic Kingdom and see all of the signs in the utilidors stating what you were under (and finding out that part of EPCOT has an underground area as well)!

It was definitely a great experience and I hope to have the opportunity to do another tour in the future!

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