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This book focuses on parenting techniques to make life easier, increase your life enjoyment, and your enjoyment with your children. We offer a guide to better family relationships, more positive memories with your children, and easier ways to manage behavioral problems. All of this is accomplished by using techniques such as appropriate expectations and limitations combined with consistency, structure, and follow-through,

Here is an excerpt from the book:

I want to remind you why you are making these changes and trying these strategies. It is likely that you have tried several options or strategies in the past and nothing has worked well or worked long-term. You are stressed and tired and are struggling to feel good about yourself, your partner, or your relationship with your child.

Strategies in this book will help you build a better relationship with your child, feel less stressed, and worry less.

Your children will be less stressed and irritable because you are less stressed and irritable. You will enjoy more positive interactions with your children, less conflict with your children, less conflict with your partner.

In addition to feeling less frustrated and having better relationships…., you will be more confident in yourself and your parenting abilities. You will know you are using strategies that work. You will see positive changes in your child, in yourself, and in your relationship with your child. You will also have a better outlook on your life and your child’s life

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