Your Ultimate Guide to EPCOT’s Flower & Garden Festival

Welcome to EPCOT’s 2023 International Flower & Garden Festival!

I was so excited to get the chance to visit EPCOT for the International Flower and Garden Festival this year! EPCOT hosts several festivals throughout the year. The International Flower and Garden Festival runs from March through July each year.

The Flower and Garden festival very holds a special place in my heart. This was the festival that I experienced the first time I ever visited EPCOT and I fell in love with all of the topiaries. However, because of this experience, I expected EPCOT to be this decked out on my next visit.

Needless to say, I was a bit surprised when I went on a second trip several years later in September and discovered that it was a bit different! I still enjoyed EPCOT on that trip. However, when I’ve been able to return for Flower and Garden it just lights up my heart a little more!

So, what should you expect this year at Flower and Garden? Food! Drinks! Concerts! Topiaries! And, of course, the various rides and attractions that are always offered at EPCOT!

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Outdoor Kitchens

What’s unique to EPCOT’s Flower & Garden Festival? Outdoor Kitchens!

All throughout the World Showcase, there are various Outdoor Kitchens set up to allow you to explore food and drinks from around the world! Each Kitchen has unique offerings that highlight various aspects of each country.

Drinks at EPCOT

You are not likely to find an entire meal in one Kitchen since the majority of the offerings are small plates that allow you to sample their specialties. However, that is part of what makes this such a unique experience! You can nibble around the world or drink around the world or both! There is definitely something for everyone!

Be sure to check out the menus on Disney’s Website!

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Concerts are held in the American Pavilion and the performers change every couple of nights! Be sure to check out the Garden Rocks concert schedule on Disney’s website!

There are a wide variety of performers throughout the entire festival, so there is definitely something for everyone! However, many of the performers are favorites from the years gone by, such as The Pointer Sisters. However, there are several more recent entertainers, such as Smash Mouth and Casting Crowns.

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Yes! There is merchandise that is specific to each Festival at EPCOT! Here are some of the specialty merchandise for the 2023 Flower and Garden Festival!

Figment specific merch!

And let’s not forget Orange Bird specific merchandise!!

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Here is Tink with her various living spaces!

As I previously mentioned, one of my favorite aspects of EPCOT’s Flower & Garden Festival is the amazing topiaries located all throughout the park. So, let’s get started on some of my favorites from 2023!

#1 is, of course, Encanto! The Encanto topiary is located at the main entrance to EPCOT, right as soon as you get through the ticket gates.

Some of my other favorites include…..


It simply wouldn’t be EPCOT without Figment!

Mickey and Minnie!

It wouldn’t be Disney World without Mickey and Minne!

Here is the Mickey and friends topiary at the intersection between World Showcase and the rest of EPCOT.

This is the Mickey and Minnie topiary located at the back entrance of EPCOT just inside the gates near the Skyliner!


Next, we have to include the crocodile from Peter Pan! He’s just adorable with his tongue sticking out!

If you look closely at the left side of the picture you can see Peter Pan and Captain Hook too!


There are princesses everywhere!

Be sure not to miss Tiana in the American Pavilion!

Next, wander over to Belle and the Beast in the France Pavilion!

Then, you might as well make the full circle around the World Showcase and check out Snow White in the Germany Pavilion!

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And…we can’t forget the everyday EPCOT fun

Let’s not forget there is more to EPCOT than just its amazing festivals! There are so many things to love about EPCOT, but we will just hit a few highlights here.

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Family Favorite:

Frozen Ever After

First, let’s visit Anna, Elsa, and Olaf in Norway! Enjoy an air-conditioned boat ride with some adventure and songs! This is an enjoyable ride for all ages, especially the younger ones!

Plus, while you are there, you can see Anna and Elsa in a new way with the topiary in the Norway pavilion!

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Underrated Favorite:

Living with the Land

Living with the Land is a 22-minute slow boat ride teaching you about our environment and demonstrating some of the amazing science behind agriculture! It’s a great place to relax your tired feet and let the kids (and yourself) learn something new!

Here are a couple of pictures of Living with the Land decked out for the Flower and Garden Festival!

Bonus: Check out Living with the Land decked out for Christmas!

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My Favorite:

Last but not least…Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind

Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind is my favorite ride in EPCOT and, currently, in all of Disney World! It’s a fast, spinning coaster through space and time that you just can’t miss!

Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind
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World Showcase


There are various performances throughout the World Showcase. Some are always present and some are specific to each of the festivals.

Check out this amazing performance of Matsuriza at the Japan Pavilion! This is a demonstration that you can see throughout the year and not just at the Flower and Garden Festival! ?feature=share

I hope you enjoy EPCOT and the Flower and Garden Festival as much as I do! Feel free to add your favorite parts of this amazing park in the comments below!

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