Top Reasons to Visit at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

I love traveling and everything Disney! My family and I have had the opportunity to travel to Disney World on several occasions and try out many of their resort hotels.

I have three favorites so far: Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, Disney’s Boardwalk Resort, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Each of these three resorts, like all of Disney’s resorts, they have unique features and location benefits.

Depending on our plans for each trip, one resort may be a better location or have better amenities for that particular trip. However, if I’m just picking the hotel based on what I like the most…Animal Kingdom Lodge is it!

Since Animal Kingdom Lodge is my favorite, let me give you a little tour to show you why I like it so much!

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The Resort

I love the beauty of both resorts at Animal Kingdom Lodge: Kidani Village and Jambo House. They are within walking distance and there is a shuttle bus that will take you back and forth between the two properties. Both have animals that live on their property, such as zebras and giraffes, and both have fantastic pools and restaurants.

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Kidani Village

Kidani Village is the newer of the two Animal Kingdom Lodge Resorts and it is entirely DVC rooms.

The grounds are absolutely amazing. There are various animals wandering outside and plenty of viewing areas to watch them. Keep in mind they are free-roaming. This means they come and go as they please, so they may not all be out all of the time.

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Jambo House

Jambo is the original resort at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. This resort has both DVC and regular cash rooms. It also hosts the Club Level option. Club Level has additional perks, such as the availability of complimentary food and drinks and additional personal services.

It’s an absolutely stunning hotel, both inside and out.

This is a great view of the main lobby from the fifth floor. You can even see outside into the animal viewing areas.

I’m particularly thrilled with the adorable bridge that crosses the 5th floor of DVC rooms. It offers an amazing view of both the inside and outside of the main building. Plus, it’s a bridge. Who doesn’t love bridges?!?!?

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Animal View vs. Standard View

We have stayed in both animal view rooms and standard rooms. I never understood why anyone would pay more for an animal view room when there are so many great locations around the property to view the animals until I had an animal view room.

We lucked into an animal view room when we had what I lovingly refer to as a gambling room. With Disney Vacation Club (DVC) rooms at Animal Kingdom Lodge, one of the options is a “value” room. This is basically the luck of the draw or whatever room is leftover once the hotel is booked. You do not know what view you are getting until you arrive.

On that particular trip, my son and his girlfriend made it to our hotel room (and Florida) while I was still in Indiana due to having an evening flight. I was THRILLED when I received a picture of a giraffe outside our window and was even more excited about getting to the room!

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Resort Rooms

No matter if the room is a standard or animal view, they are set up pretty much the same. You can see a video walkthrough of a studio room!

Here are some pictures from the one we stayed in the last time!

The bathroom sink is located outside of the room with the toilet and shower. (This is always my husband’s preference!)

The regular studio rooms have a small kitchenette area. This area includes a sink, mini-fridge, coffee maker, toaster, microwave, and space to store your snackies and food.

The room was fantastically themed and fitting for the Animal Kingdom setting.

We had a queen-size bed and a queen-size sleeper sofa.

And, of course, an amazing animal view comes with many of the rooms!

We had another trip with a savannah view when we took two of the grandkids recently, but this I did not leave up to chance. I enjoyed the animal view room so much the first time, I realized why it’s worth paying the extra for!

The kids had an amazing time and enjoy breakfast on the balcony each morning! They were so excited to see ducks (yes, local Florida ducks) and giraffes from the balcony while they ate breakfast and played!

Check out our YouTube channel to see what a one-bedroom looks like!

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Not only can you see wildlife from your hotel room balcony, but there are also plenty of other areas around Animal Kingdom Lodge where you can view the various animals.

Both resorts have viewing areas inside the main building where you can sit and watch the animals at your leisure. You can see the glassed-in areas in the picture below and there are also spaces on the first floor where the overhangs are.

And here are some of those adorable animals roaming around the savannah!

are there animals at the Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Resort
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There are several restaurants located at Animal Kingdom Lodge, both quick service and table service.

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Boma is located at Jambo House. Boma is a family-friendly buffet restaurant that offers unique and milder food options that everyone in your family will enjoy!

amazing Disney restaurants
Will my kids like Boma at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

On our last trip to Boma, we were lucky enough to be chosen to be the Family of the Day and lead everyone into the restaurant for dinner with music and dancing!

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Sanaa is located at Kidani Village.  Sanaa is a table service restaurant with an amazing view of the animals outside!

Sanaa at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
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Mara is the quick service restaurant at Jambo House. They offer meals, snacks, and drinks, including drink refills for your resort mugs!

Additionally, both hotels have pool bars that offer snacks and drinks!

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When you stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge, you’re allowed to use the pool facilities at both resorts: Jambo House and Kidani Village! Both have amazing pools with snacks and drinks nearby, but they offer two very unique settings!

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Jambo House Pool Area

The Jambo House pool has a wide-open pool with plenty of area around the pool to relax and soak in some sunshine!

There are also two hot tubs available just outside the area where the pool is, so they are a little more secluded.

Their quick-service restaurant, Mara, is located just outside the pool area as well. You can mobile order or order inside the restaurant. Then, you can choose to eat in the pool area or in the seating area located inside and outside the restaurant. You can also refill your resort drink mugs at Mara!

Additionally, flamingos live just outside of the pool area, so they are an extra treat to your pool time.

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Kidani Village Pool Area

The pool at Kidani is my absolutely favorite pool in the entire Walt Disney World property. In my opinion, they have everything!

The pool area consists of a pool with a zero-entry point with a small slide for the little ones and a larger slide for the big kids and adults.

I love the zero-entry pool because our little ones can walk in with their life vests on and be safe.

The larger slide is a lot of fun for the bigger people!

And the smaller slide is absolutely amazing for the little ones! My two-year-old granddaughter spent at least an hour just going up and down this slide. I caught her at the bottle because she is a firecracker that came down at the speed of light. However, she was able to do it on her own.

There is a play ground and splash park in the pool area as well! The splash park is amazing during the day.

However, it is just as good at night! It is well lit and a fun place to let the kids run off a little more energy before bed time!

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There is plenty of shaded seating area around the pool.

The pool bar is located just outside of the gated pool area. Alcohol is available, as well as snacks, ice cream, and they will refill your resort drink mugs!

Pro Tip: There is a full bathroom with a shower just outside the pool area. This makes the Kidani pool an amazing place to spend the morning and afternoon when you have a late flight because you can enjoy the amazing Florida weather and then be able to shower before your flight!

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28 thoughts on “Top Reasons to Visit at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge”

    1. It is definitely both beautiful and relaxing! I love being able to stay at a hotel with animals onsite. It’s such a neat and unique experience! It’s definitely worth it to stay there! At least take the time to stop by and look around the next time you are in WDW!

    1. That’s correct! It’s a great place for adults only!! (I finally got my husband to stay there with me on a recent trip and he really liked it too!)

  1. That hotel looks absolutely amazing!!! Boma is one of my fave restaurants in Disney! Even the kids loved trying some of the more exotic fare that they have on offer.

  2. Ah! You are teasing me! I love Disney! Never stayed at any of their resorts. This one looks so appealing! Thank you for teasing !

    1. It is definitely worth staying on property! I love being able to stay in the “Disney Bubble” when we visit!

  3. This post brings so many great memories. My son Benjamin had a Wish from the Children’s Wish Foundation in 2012. This is where we stayed for a full week. We had an amazing time.

    1. It is! We like to wander around there with the kids and grab a drink at their quick service when we visit the parks! It’s a nice place to cool off and enjoy the views (with fewer people around)!

    1. That’s not even Animal Kingdom park! It’s the resort complex next to Animal Kingdom!! (and it’s still amazing!)

  4. I have actually never been to Animal Kingdom, but have always wanted to! This is a fun hotel. We’ll definitely have to look into this!

    1. It is definitely worth stopping by to look around and to grab a meal! It’s a beautiful place!

  5. I would love to go to Animal Kingdom! It looks like a really great experience, and I love the idea that you can see animals right outside your room!

    1. It was an AMAZING experience! I never understood why anyone would pay extra for those rooms….now I do!

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