Top Reasons for Visiting The Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is one of the best and largest aquariums we have been to! One of the best ways to visit The Georgia Aquarium and many of the other local attractions is to use City Pass!

Atlanta CityPASS, Adult, ages 13+

It’s one price for many of the local attractions! The price of City Pass is just slightly more than the cost of only doing the local zoo and aquarium. Basically, City Pass gives you free admission to local museums or World of Coke when you visit both Zoo Atlanta and the Georgia Aquarium!

See why we love the Georgia Aquarium so much!

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Welcome to the Georgia Aquarium!!

This is the most enormous aquarium we have ever been through!! WOW!! And we have been to A LOT of zoos and aquariums!

The Georgia Aquarium has several enormous tanks and is two stories tall! Each section of the aquarium has a unique theme and focuses on specific sea life! This is a beautiful, gorgeous, and well-themed aquarium!

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The Ocean Voyager Area

First, we decided to check out the Ocean Voyager area!

The Ocean Voyager section has a moving sidewalk that allows you to go through a tunnel in the middle of one of their massive tanks! You have sea life on both sides of you and ABOVE you! You are literally in the middle of their habitat! It’s amazing!

I really enjoy moving sidewalks through the tanks!! I love the slow ride and I love all of the space the sea life has to wonder through!

The animals over my head are just fantastic! It’s an amazing view and amazing experience!!

This was the first time I had the opportunity to see a whale shark EVER!! It was huge and adorable!

So were the sting rays!

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Tropical Diver Exhibit

Next, we headed to the tropical driver section!

This was such a fun exhibit for us because we love visiting tropical areas and have had the opportunity to go snorkeling and scuba diving in the past!

This section of the aquarium, as well as many of the other sections, offers educational pieces of information. This section discussed how volcanos were made!

I always find Lionfish interesting and I never would have known anything about them if it had not been for educational exhibits at aquariums! Lionfish were introduced to waters in Florida where they did not belong and have become an invasive species!

They are beautiful, but I remember learning at The Florida Aquarium that you should eat them any time they are on the menu because it encourages restaurants to offer them and fishermen to catch them. Thus, getting them out of waters where they don’t belong!

Here is some more info on invasive species and an additonal evasive species!

Again, pretty but harmful to the environment.

Here is an example of some of the kid-friendly educational information at the Georgia Aquarium!

And here is a look at what the area surrounding islands in the Caribbean typically look like:

I love this sign!

And I love our selfie with the tropical fish!!

Besides the coral reefs that surround most Caribbean Islands, there are also artificial reefs in the seas and oceans!

This aquarium is an example of what an artificial reef may look like.

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There are so many different animals on exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium and Sea Otters are one of the most adorable ones!

They have a great area to swim in, as well as a land area to play outside the water!

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Penguins are another adorable animal on exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium!

I love watching the penguins and seeing all of their different personalities and attitudes emerge.

This penguin was very friendly and enjoyed the attention, as well as his/her picture taken! This penguin swam back and forth in front of us for several minutes enjoying the attention!

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Beluga Whales

I had never seen a beluga whale in person before our trip to the Georgia Aqurium!

There was even an adorable baby beluga whale added to their family pod!

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Predators of the Deep is the newest exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium!

This exhibit focuses on sharks. They have great educational information about sharks and there are several tanks filled with these beautiful creatures!

I really enjoyed the massive school of fish in the tank with the sharks. My son made fun of me taking pictures, because the first picture I took was just the school of fish!!

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River Scout

The River Scout section was unique in that this exhibit was two stories! This allows you to be able to see the wildlife (specifically the alligators) both from the top of their enclosure and from the bottom of the enclosure!

If you look closely in the picture below, you can see people under the tank on the first floor of the exhibit!

Here are the gators! This is their top view! You can see the people on the first floor under this tank as well!

Here’s another cute gator exhibit! I love how they repurposed this boat as their home!

Here are those gators again! We are looking up from the first floor this time!

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More Enormous Tanks

As I said before, the Georgia Aquarium is the most massive aquarium we have visited! There are so many different and varied exhibits and the tanks themselves are simply enormous!!

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As I have mentioned throughout this article, there are so many educational aspects to The Georgia Aquarium! I love learning new information and I love being able to expose my children to as much information as possible!

Dolphin Performance

The dolphin show demonstrated the talents of the dolphins, as well as educated guests about how they train and care for the the dolphins!

This was one of their several reminders that no one should sit in the first ten rows, unless they are willing to get wet!! (and did they get wet! wow!)

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As I have mentioned several times, I really enjoy the educational aspects!

Here are a couple great pictures that demonstrate the various sizes of the various rays in the world!

Many of these rays are in the many tanks that we have seen throughout our visit to the aquarium!

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A look inside the exhibit!

There is even an exhibit that allows you to look into… exhibit!!

We got to look inside the aquarium where we were on the moving sidewalk through it earlier in the day!

I love being able to see the inner workings of the aquarium and how they keep is running and amazing! There were workings doing necessary tasks to the aquarium, but I don’t see any visible in the picture below.

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What can you do??

More educational experiences! In addition to all of the education about the exhibits and creatures, there is an exhibit explaining what each individual person can do to take better care of our planet!

There were also neat exhibits in The Florida Aquarium that discussed the importance of preventing litter in the oceans! Here’s an example of their exhibit. This shark was made completely of trash found in the ocean.

Tampa aquarium
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What else is there??

There are seemingly endless exhibits at the Georgia Aquarium…and here are a few more!

Touch Pools

Did I mention how much I LOVE touch pools??

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Sea Stars

The Sea Stars were not part of the touch pool exhibits, but they are so adorable and brightly colored!!

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Sea Dragons

Sea Dragons are another of my favorite sea animals! They are just so cute!!

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4-D Movie

On top of everything else, there is a 4-D movie experience available!

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Plus…You can’t miss the gift shops!!

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Now it’s your turn to visit the Georgia Aquarium and don’t forget to check into City Pass!

One of the best ways to visit The Georgia Aquarium and many of the other local attractions is to use City Pass! It’s one price for many of the local attractions! The price of City Pass is just slightly more than the cost of only doing the local zoo and aquarium. Basically, City Pass gives you free admission to local museums or World of Coke when you visit both Zoo Atlanta and the Georgia Aquarium!

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42 thoughts on “Top Reasons for Visiting The Georgia Aquarium”

    1. You definitely should visit! We travel a lot and that’s the largest aquarium we have EVER been to!

  1. Looks like you all really enjoyed your outing! Makes me want to dive again and see them in their natural habitats!

  2. I love the Georgia Aquarium!!! I went went they were just opening and not everything was finished but it was still amazing!!

    1. Yes! I loved visiting SeaLife! However, I think the entire SeaLife would fit inside on exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium. That place is massive!!

    1. They were so cute! I had never seen a whale shark before! The Georgia Aquarium is definitely a place I would love to visit again!

  3. This is somewhere I really want to go! I could kick myself for not taking the time to visit when we were RIGHT NEXT DOOR at the Coke Museum! We have a pretty nice aquarium in Toronto, but Atlanta’s is much bigger, with more emphasis on conservation and preservation. We will be back to see it for sure!

    1. Oh! Wow! That was definitely a missed opportunity. Hopefully, you can get back some time. It was absolutely amazing! (And we enjoyed the World of Coke too!)

  4. I love aquariums. Fish are so beautiful. The Georgia one is not too far from me. I must take a weekend trip to see it. Thanks so much for sharing. There is just so much to see in America.

    1. I agree! There is so very much to see and the Georgia Aquarium is definitely worth the trip! Be sure to check out City Pass if you are going to visits a couple of the big attractions. It really saves money!

  5. Wow, I think our Aquarium in Salt Lake was modeled after this one. Although Atlanta looks a lot bigger!

    1. That’s amazing! We are heading out west this summer. I think we might have to check out that aquarium too!

  6. That aquarium looks amazing! Our aquarium doesn’t have a dolphin show, and dolphins are my favorite, so I’m a little jealous you get to see that!

    1. The dolphin show was really neat. To me, it was not a “typical” dolphin show, much more of an educational presentation. I really enjoyed it!

  7. I love aquariums but as many times as I have been to Georgia I have never been there! Thank you for sharing the next time I’m in town I will be visiting!!

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