My Favorite Amazing Amazon Finds This Spring!

Ready for Spring? I know that I am! I’m done with cooler weather and ready to get the pool opened again!

Updated for 2022

As I sit here looking forward to the upcoming warmer weather ahead of us, I’m ready to find some new additions to add to our backyard fun! #ad

Here are some of the best items I found on Amazon to make this a fabulous Spring!

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Wine Glasses

Floating wine glasses for the pool

Unbreakable wine glasses! They are perfect for any outside occasion, with or without pool time!

Insulated wine tumblers! These are perfect for keeping wine cool and, hopefully, from spilling!

Yummy Goodness!

I discovered these on my most recent trip to Gatlinburg with my husband! I was excited to find them on Amazon!! It’s a lot easier for me to have Amazon deliver versus me driving six hours back to Gatlinburg!

These are absolutely delicious! Just add your favorite wine!

BONUS: Here is where we found our favorite wines to add to our wine slushies: Tennessee Homemade Wines.

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Snack Time

Have fun sharing spring-time snacks with those you love! I love these adorable charcuterie boards and can’t wait to try this out when the adult kids come over to play in the pool!

Find the perfect board

The first thing you have to do is find the perfect board that fits your needs and taste!

Or…Make a Personalized Board

These are a bit smaller boards, but you can have them personalized!!

Make Your Own Snacks

I’m not going to cure my own snacks, but I know some people enjoy this! I think my husband would, but not me.

Or…Simply Create Your Own Snack Displays

Yummy Meats

Various Cheeses

Meat and Cheese Combination Packages

You can pick the perfect one and it’s ready to be displayed with little additonal effort!

Grab a Charcuterie Guide too!

This is a new activity for me, so a guide can be very useful!!

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Spring is a great time for inviting guests over and enjoying the great weather! You’ve got the snacks and drinks suggested above, so now it’s time for plates and decorations!

Here are some of the spring-themed cutest party supplies:

Flower decorations

Flowers are a perfect way to remind us of the beauty of Spring!

Butterfly Decorations

These decorations are just as adorable, if not more adorable, than the flower decorations! These just seem so happy and make me smile!

Butterfly Balloons!!

I’m a sucker for balloons and these are adorable!

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Pool Time Fun

Spring and warmer weather mean it’s time to open the pool or visit the local pool!! Here are some fun pool goodies that would be amazing additions to anyone’s swim time!

Fun for you

Lights and Music

Perfect Relaxation

Games for the kids (young or not-so-young)!

Underwater swimming fun

Poolside Activities

Floating fun on top of the water

The perfect variety of items to dive for

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Gardening Goodies

And last, but certainly not least, gardening supplies! Spring is the time when most of us get back outside again and prune our lawns and gardens. Gardens can be large or small, but they require work for the reward of beauty or nutrition!

Gardening Goodies for you

Tips for when you don’t know where to start! (Unfortunately, this would be me.)

Necessities to start your gardening adventure

Back pain protection…at least hopefully, back pain protection!

Just for fun! It’s too fun to pass up!

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Gardening goodies for the kids

You know the kids want to “help”!!

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Free Trial of Amazon Prime

Half-Price Amazon Prime for EBT

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42 thoughts on “My Favorite Amazing Amazon Finds This Spring!”

  1. Lots of great selections! I wish I had a pool to order to the pool toys! LOL. Of course, the charcouterie would be awesome too!

  2. I love the gardening kit. I want my babies to be self-sufficient so definitely want to introduce farming & gardening at a young age. I love your ideas. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks!! I love being about to introduce my kids (and now grandkids) to so many different things!! I want them to know all the choices they can have in life!

  3. Its the wine tumblers for me! Interestingly, Amazon isn’t a place I think of when I think of food, seeing cheese in the list gave me pause. Thanks for this wonderful list.

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