Louisville Mega Cavern is a Unique Family Adventure!

As a mom of seven (and now a grandmother of five), I’m always looking for unique activities to do with my family. If you are looking for something unique to do in the Louisville, Kentucky area, check out Louisville Mega Cavern!

It’s definitely a unique adventure!

This attraction started out as a mining facility, was considered a potential fallout shelter during the cold war, and is now one of the best entertainment attractions for families in Kentucky! To find out more about their history check out their website.

The Louisville Mega Cavern is located just off the I-264 loop around Louisville. It’s easy to find, though I know we thought we were going the wrong way when following the GPS.

It definitely does not look like it should be a cave when you pull up to it!

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Fun Signs on the way to the Cavern

You park and then walk into the building at the entrance to the cave.

You walk through a building that could be any large storage or utility building, but it’s the entrance to the cave. As you walk through the building, there are several signs with various facts about the cave.

Here are a few of my favorites in no particular order!

Stitch Disney nuiMOs Plush  Lilo & Stitch

I think this is so interesting! I would never have thought the zoo was technically underground!

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I would have never thought the largest buidling in Kentucky is underground!!

All of the interesting random facts are just amazing to me!

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Time to sign your waiver and pick an activity!

Walking down the hall with all the signs above was neat, but it seemed like we had to be going the wrong way!

I was happy to see the sign below, letting us know we were actually in the right spot!

The first thing we had to do was sign release waivers before we could participate in any of the events.

This was with all of the release waivers. I guess this is an issue they have while filling out the release forms!

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Inside the first part of the cave

The ropes challenge is the first thing you see when you walk in. It’s in the same room where you sign the release waivers.

They have all the safety equpiment availble for use and the equipment rental comes with the activity fees.

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Along with the ropes course, the main room containes some interesting historical facts.

Cuban Missile Crisis


This was something I never knew and I live about 90 minutes away from this area!

I can’t imagine being in the midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis and realizing a cave would be the place you were living is something happened!!



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Mega Zips

It’s time to close your eyes and jump (well…glide)!

Ziplining was the reason that my husband and I went to the Mega Caverns!

We had been zipling on several vacations in the past, but those were several years in the past and never in the US. Since travel has been limited recently, I decided we needed to try some ziplining a little closer to home!

The Louisville Mega Caverns was great for a to try because we didn’t have to worry about the weather. We went in January, so it didn’t matter how cold, snowy, wet, or whatever the weather decided to be. Since we were underground, we could zipline no matter what the weather was outside!

It was a fantastic time! We will definitely go again another time!

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Other Options (Check out their brochure)

The Lousiville Mega Cavern has MUCH more to offer than just ziplinning!

Here are some of their other attractions!

Mega Quest

Mega Tram

The Mega Zips

Not only is this the only underground zipline in the US, but it’s also the only completely underground zip line in the entire world!!

Mega Bike Tour

This looks like an incredible adventure!


So much family fun all in one place!!

They also have a walking tour that is available!

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Bonus…Lights Under Louisville

Lights Under Lousiville is a one-of-a-kind Christmas light event that is available at the Mega Cavern! This is such a fun activity and perfect for anyone of any age!!


You are allowed to drive your own vechicle through the Christmas lights for a fee. It’s a really fun experience! We did not drive through the day we did our ziplining, but we have in the past.

However, the lights were still up while we were ziplinning. I really enjoyed this because we got to see the lights while ziplinning and walk through the lights on the way to the ziplines.

We will definitely go back to zipline again! Hopefully, we can do it at a time when the Christmas lights are up again. That was an extra treat!

I would also like to try the ropes course too on our next trip! It looked like a lot of fun!!

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