What Do I Pack for this Disney Next Trip??

I am so excited that Disney World is about to reopen! I have three trips planned during the rest of 2020 (two of the three have been moved several times due to COVID-19).

I have a July trip with one kiddo:

Mom and son at Disney Studios 2017
This high school senior will FINALLY get his Spring Break Disney Trip…In JULY!!

An August trip with hubby and grandkids:

toddlers on the WDW bus
One of their favorite rides at Disney World….THE BUS!!

And a September trip for when my husband turns 50! (We were supposed to be doing Disney and a cruise, but now we will be doing Disney and some Florida time due to our cruise being cancelled.)

Disney Springs
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ANYWAY….Here is our guide to what you need when you return to Disney World and Disneyland in 2020!

My typical backpack items have not changed much, besides adding masks!! And I’m giving up and getting my own mist fan since we are going in July and August!

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Mask/Face Coverings

Disney has their own masks available, but reviews show that they run small! Make sure you are aware of this when you order a set!!

I love clothing made out of bamboo!! It’s always so soft and I definitely believe the cloth face masks need to be soft if you are going to wear them outside in the heat and humidity all day long!

There’s also the disposable variety! These tend to be a bit more light weight, but they are not as easily reusable so you will have to pack more of them!

My suggestion is to take a variety of masks with you! If you have a variety (shapes, textures, cloth, disposable….), then you have extras if one starts to bother you or if it gets wet or too sweaty (and smelly)!!

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Carribeaner for Masks

Carribeaners are great for keeping things attached to your or you backpack!

Masks are small and most of us are not completely used to wearing them yet, so they are easily misplaced.

Attaching them to a carribeaner and then attaching that carribeaner to your beltloop or backpack makes it much easier to keep track of!!

My suggestion is to take a few of them. They always come in handy! If you have a stroller, get one of the HUGE clips to hang off your handle. It’s great for holding Disney Resort Mugs and Disney Popcorn Buckets!!

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Gum/Breath Mints

It’s never good to have bad breath….but it’s worse when you are stuck smelling your own breath inside of a MASK at Disney World!!

**INSIDER TIP** If you want gum, bring it with you! Disney does not sell gum on property!

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Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has always been a must-have for me when I travel. Having a variety of the small, travel-size hand sanitizers make it easy.

These with the caribbeaners also make it easy to find them because you can simply clip the hand sanitizer to the outside of your backpack!

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Sanitizing Wipes

Again, another necessity for me! They can be used to wipe tables off before you eat or wipe hands with instead of hand-sanitizer. The ones below are great becasue they have aloe in them as well!

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Water Bottle

It’s Florida. It’s hot. Drink water! LOTS of water!

I always have a reusable water bottle on me (at home, work, vacation, etc…), but this will definitely be benefical for the Parks.

Disney Quick Service restaurants always give out free ice water, but having your own on you allow you to get a drink whenever you need to with no standing in line needed!

Here is a great kids bottle!

This is a great bottle for adults when the parks reopen, especially since it has a straw to make it easy to get a drink while wearing your mask!!

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Sun Screen and Aloe

It’s Florida…sunscreen and aloe are necessary all the time (especially those of us from the North)!

The travel-size bottles are perfect for backpacks in the Parks or carry-ons on airplanes!

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Items to Help You Keep Cool

I recently heard on the radio that they are predicting this to be the hottest summer since 2011….so you have to think about keeping cool.

You want to make sure that you and your kids stay hydrated and as cool as possible! Hot and miserable kids are cranky and no one wants cranky kids on vacation!!


If you have a stroller, then stroller fans are a MUST for your little ones especially if you are going to Florida during the summer months!!

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I like the fans you can recharge with a USB! This way you don’t need to worry about packing batteries with you. You already have your charger!

AND…tiny fans you can plug directly into your phone!! (You have your phone on your anyway…might as well use it to keep cool!!)

I can’t decide which one of these I like best!! The following two are from ShopDisney!

100x40 DisneyStore.com Logo
Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Cone Cooling Fan Official shopDisney

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Cone Cooling Fan Official shopDisney

Keep cool on the go with this refreshingly cute personal fan in the shape of a Mickey Mouse ice cream cone. The attached cord makes this wearable treat the perfect way to bask in the breeze any time.

Mickey Mouse Lollipop Fan Official shopDisney

Mickey Mouse Lollipop Fan Official shopDisney

You’ll be able to lick the hot weather with the aid of this Mickey Mouse Lollipop Fan. Inspired by the popular confectionary found at the Disney Parks, this deliciously colorful fan includes a cord to wear it around your neck, and a handle to hold it.

Cooling Towels

Cooling towels are great and here we are with the carribeaners again! Have you noticed I really like teh carribeaners?!?!?

Spray Bottle

I like the ones that are a combination spray bottle and fan! Plus, they can make fun entertainment for the kids and adults too!!

Mickey Mouse and Friends Disney Parks Misting Fan

Mickey Mouse and Friends Disney Parks Misting Fan

Stay cool during your adventure at the Park with Mickey and Friends! A foam fan is attached to this character-themed water bottle, so you’ll feel a nice mist on a hot day.

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It’s Florida! Yes, it will rain!

Be prepared for it!

This is the exact poncho I have, but mine is in all black. I LOVE it because with shorts on I am completely covered, even with my backpack on under the poncho! It is truly the best poncho I have ever owned and it’s traveled to several countries with me (and not just the EPCOT countries)!!

The plus to this is that it also comes with an umbrella and tote bag!

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Disney Pins

We can’t forget my FAVORITE….Disney trading pins! (Yes, there will be pin trading at Disney during the reopening phases!)

If you are like me, you always need just one or two more pins!!

Lilo & Stitch Pin Set Official shopDisney

Lilo & Stitch Pin Set Official shopDisney

Do a happy hula in celebration of this set of three cloisonné flair pins featuring Lilo and Stitch in fun island activities. Mahalo!

Rainbow Disney Collection Mickey Mouse Pin Set  2020  Limited Release

Rainbow Disney Collection Mickey Mouse Pin Set 2020 Limited Release

You’ll feel the love with this set of Mickey Mouse rainbow pins. The five enamel pins feature different designs, including a rainbow with a Mickey cutout, A Mickey silhouette with ”love,” an ear hat, Mickey’s shorts, and a Mickey balloon complete with chain link string and bow on the end!

And you can’t forget the lanyard!!

Mickey Mouse and Friends Pin Trading Starter Set  Disney Parks 2020

Mickey Mouse and Friends Pin Trading Starter Set Disney Parks 2020

Launch into the happiest hobby ever in 2020 with Mickey’s pin trading starter set, direct from the Disney Parks, including four cloisonné pins, plus lanyard and card with rules of the game.

Not only do I love to travel, I also love being active with my family! Check out my new parenting book. I’m a mom of seven and a clinical psychologist, so I have lots of great tips to share!

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32 thoughts on “What Do I Pack for this Disney Next Trip??”

  1. These are good suggestions. My sister, niece, her husband and their two boys got their Disney trip cancelled over spring break, on the eve of their departure. They are hopefully going in October, if everything stays open. I’ll share your list with them!

  2. We have had trips cancelled during this year too sadly. I can’t wait to get back to Disney but Disney in a mask with no characters, sit down dining, parades, and characters seems lackluster for the expense and distance. Alas, I will have to wait til next year.

    1. They do have plenty of sit-down dining options open. It was side with no meet-and-greets and no fireworks, , but it had short lines and still had the Disney Magic! (We just got back from a five day trip)

    1. They can get an exception to use a face shield instead! They just have to talk to a cast member at or before park entry.

  3. Oh my gosh those Disney masks are so cute! And for sure, have to bring wipes and hand sanitizer. But I didn’t know they had fans to clip onto strollers. Where has that been the last 10 years that I’ve been pushing a stroller?! LOL! Have fun on your trip! So exciting to be able to travel again.

  4. Great list! We were there at the end of June when just Disney Springs and the DVC resorts were open and had a great time. I love Disney with no crowds.

  5. Love Disney, we are heading there in April with our grandkids. Great packing list – sad we have to pack masks!e

    1. I love it and it will actually be three completely different trips–one with just one kid, one with grandkids, and one with my husband. I can promise…those three trips will be nothing alike even though we are at the same place!

  6. I feel like no matter what I pack, I always forget something. I usually have a mom bag that’s ready for any scenario but taking day trips with the kids seem to always result in me not having the right gear. I like the idea of breath mints! Enjoy your Disney trips. Hopefully we can go next year!

  7. I have been collecting masks for a few months now. I ordered the Disney set back in May and they are (finally) due to arrive this week. I don’t remember what size I ordered, so I hope they fit if you’re saying they run small! At least I have some homemade Disney print ones, too!

  8. I like the idea of the carribeaners – we leave in 3 days for a trip and I’m wondering if my kids are going to end up losing their masks so I’m going to buy us a few to keep them attached when they aren’t being worn. Great tip.

    1. I use carribeaners, sandwich bags, safety pins, and binder clips for about anything when I travel! Those are my personal necessities!!

    1. Yep! I never travel without one. I don’t wear one at home, but it seems like I wear one every time we travel!

  9. Wow, you have a lot of fun coming up! I love the carabiner idea for holding masks. Going to try that on my purse, since I bring masks everywhere these days! Not traveling yet, but hope to again soon. Stay safe on your travels!

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