It Finally Happened! I’m officially an author!

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It’s about time…

I got my book, How Many Times Do I Have To Repeat Myself? Simple Steps to Stress-Free Parenting and Better Family Relationships on Amazon Kindle and in paperback through Amazon July 4th weekend!

Talk about a feeling of independence! It’s taken me WAY longer than I expected to get Amazon’s process figured out and completed, but I’m thrilled to have that task completed.

The electronic version has been completed for about a year, but I’m super excited to get a paperback version finalized!

Check it out!

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Here’s a little bit about me

During my 14 year career as a clinical psychologist, I’ve heard these same questions from overwhelmed, frustrated parents. These parents, like all of us, want their children to behave and make good choices. They want peace without worries about what is going to go wrong next or what problem is about to begin.

Additionally, as a mom, I’ve been there. I have the practical, real-life experience of being a parent of 7.5 children! I’m a biological mother of three (with all three born while I was in graduate school), step-mother of four, and grandmother of five, plus my best friend’s daughter lived with us through most of her high school years (she’s the .5).

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Here’s a little about my book

This book is a guide to better family relationships, more positive memories with your children, and easier ways to manage behavior problems.

How Many Times Do I Have To Repeat Myself? Simple Steps to Stress-Free Parenting and Better Family Relationships focuses on parenting techniques to make life easier. It focuses on practical solutions for managing parenting stress so you can enjoy your life, and enjoy your time with your family more!

You will spend less time giving punishments and more time enjoying your children.

You will learn strategies such as appropriate expectations and limitations combined with consistency, structure, and follow-through.

You will be able to be a calmer parent when dealing with the stress of behavioral problems and kid attitude!

My education in the field of psychology, work experience with families and children, and raising many children of my own are the reasons why I decided to write a book about parenting and family relationships!

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