Disney’s Adorable nuiMOs added new characters and outfits

If you have not seen Disney’s nuiMOs yet, you are missing out! They are small adorable and movable toys of your favorite Disney Characters!! In addition, to the characters being adorable, they have several different outfits you can purchases separately for your nuiMOs to wear! There are so many options available, you nuiMOs can have more outfits than you do! #ad

The cosplays are my FAVORITE outfits! Scoll down and see what I’m so excited about!!


Here are the new characters this month:


Kermit Disney nuiMOs Plush  The Muppets

Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy Disney nuiMOs Plush  The Muppets

But we can’t forget our familiar favorites!


Mickey Mouse Disney nuiMOs Plush


Minnie Mouse Disney nuiMOs Plush


Donald Duck Disney nuiMOs Plush


Daisy Duck Disney nuiMOs Plush


Angel Disney nuiMOs Plush  Lilo & Stitch

And drumroll for my favorite…


Stitch Disney nuiMOs Plush  Lilo & Stitch


We can’t forget the enormous range of outfits that are available for nuiMOs and the variety continues to grow!!

As I said before, not only are the nuiMOs characters adorable, they also come with adorable outfits!

Here are some of my favorites!!

Disney nuiMOs Outfit  Sweater, Skirt, and Headband Set Disney nuiMOs Outfit  Denim Jacket and Knitted Hat Set Disney nuiMOs Outfit  New York Spirit Jersey Disney nuiMOs Outfit  Striped Shirt with Red Sweater and Sunglasses

You can even dress your favorite nuiMOs as other Disney Characters! #cosplay

I so love the cosplay idea! I got my son and his girlfriend matching shirts of the aliens from Toy Story dressed as other Pixar characters for their last Disney World trip. It was absolutely adorable and I LOVE the idea you can do this with your nuiMOs now!


Disney nuiMOs Outfit  Woody Cosplay Set by Wes Jenkins

Bo Peep

Disney nuiMOs Outfit  Bo Peep Cosplay Set by Wes Jenkins

Alice in Wonderland

Disney nuiMOs Outfit  Alice Cosplay Set by Ashley Eckstein

Star Wars

Disney nuiMOs Outfit  Star Wars Cosplay Set by Ashley Eckstein

Even an Oogie Boogie cosplay outfit for your nuiMOs!

Disney nuiMOs Outfit  Oogie Boogie Cosplay Set by Wes Jenkins

Find all of these items and more at ShopDisney now!


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