Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is the annual Christmas after-hours event that takes place in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida. The event runs from early or mid-November until a few days before Christmas Eve. Ticket prices vary by day of the week and tend to increase in price the closer it gets to Christmas.

The special ticketed event runs from 7 pm until midnight. However, you can get into the Magic Kingdom with your Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party ticket starting at 4 pm. If you are a Disney Vacation Club member, you can get into the Magic Kingdom starting at 2 pm. We attended in 2016 with myself, my husband, and our three youngest adolescent children living at home. We have tickets to attend again in November of 2019 with the same five as we did in 2016 but also with our older daughter and her two children! I simply can’t wait to go again!!

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Ready to party!

We donned our coordinating red and green tie-dye shirts with matching jingly red and green Santa hats and off we went! My children were displeased with the hats because they were a “surprise” once we arrived at the Magic Kingdom! (I didn’t want them to be “forgotten” in the hotel room or anything!) The event is a fun experience for adults, kids, and teens! Even my husband enjoyed himself (and is looking forward to November 2019) and he’s not near the Disney and theme park fan that I am!

The Magic Kingdom is decked out for Christmas, there is a special Christmas-themed parade, special shows, and it even “snows” on Main Street USA! It was truly a magical experience to see the “snow” on Main Street. However, you must remember it’s Florida and it is not actual snow (it’s snoap), so please don’t eat the soap bubbles! I’m not sure who will be more excited this November….my older daughter or m grandkids!!

However, the parade was fantastic as well! We typically do not take the time to watch the parades all the way through, but the Christmas parade was a must-see! I was happy to find a spot early so we could have a great view!

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There are many other special treats throughout the Very Merry Christmas Party, besides snowing on Main Street!

Disney Princess Tiara Ears Headband


There are snacks and drinks available at special locations throughout the Magic Kingdom, such as cookies, soft pretzels, Sno-cones, hot chocolate, apple cider, and eggnog. When we attended in 2016 there were different cookies at each location and so we had to try each one! Everything was very tasty, but my favorite had to be the peppermint cookies!!

Rides and Entertainment

Rides are open with some slight changes, such as the Jungle Cruise becomes the Jingle Cruise! There are also special shows and dance parties that both adults and kids enjoy! We spent most of our time doing the activities that were only available during the Very Merry Christmas Party, though we did ride a few of the regular rides too!

Off on the Jingle Cruise we went!

Exclusive Character Meet and Greets

One of the other exciting special events that take place at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is the special character meet and greets! We were able to see and get pictures with all seven dwarves and with Jack Skellingon! I honestly didn’t know anything about Jack Skellington when we attended in 2016, but my adolescent daughter was thrilled! It was great to see her excitement when she got her picture with him.

Nightmare Before Christmas picture

My youngest son only had one request–Genie! We barely made it to see Genie before the event closed for the evening, but I am thankful we made it in time! He was thrilled!

Disney Tsum Tsum

Additionally, my daughter found Peter Pan scurrying around the Magic Kingdom and wanted a picture with him! However, he made her chase him to get a picture! It was GREAT! I laughed and laughed watching the sixteen-year-old girl chase Peter Pan around Adventure Land for a picture!! That is actually one of our favorite memories from that event!

Seven Dwarfs
We even got to meet all seven dwarfs!

The castle was unbelievable and it was truly a great event and I cannot wait to go back again!

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40 thoughts on “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom”

  1. What an awesome experience! I love that you are all wearing t-shirts and shorts to a Christmas thing. I’m so used to being totally bundled for anything titled “Christmas” that that really stood out. I love this extra idea!

    1. I live in Indiana, so the idea of shorts and t-shirts was amazing at Christmas time!!

    1. I am big on matching shirts at least one day per trip! I think they make the BEST pictures!

  2. How fun! I love that the characters interact so well. I can’t tell my daughter that something like this exists—she’ll beg to go! Lol!

    1. We’ve been several different times and I love them all, but Christmas time is my favorite so far! They have so many extra events (many free) at that time too!

  3. I am seriously considering investing in a vacation rental house in Florida so that I have a reason to come check-in/manage the property. New savings plan starts tomorrow.

  4. We’ve never taken our kids to Disney. Looks like the characters made sure that you all had a wonderful time!

  5. It’s my dream to do this party someday. I’m a teacher, so it’s hard to make the timing and money work. We usually go about every other summer. For the first time, we are going to get the entire week of Thanksgiving off. It does have me thinking… I know it will be busy, but we could make it work. Maybe if I save up for a year for the flights. Hmm. I may have to make a plan!

    1. Thanksgiving is a fun time there! We are going a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving and I can’t wait!

  6. There’s nothing like Disney’s Christmas party. It’s a magical and out of this world event. I would love to experience it again.

    1. I agree completely! I’m super excited about having the opportunity to do the Christmas Party again!

  7. Disney is so magical and for the holidays it is just so much more amazing. Looks like a great way to celebrate.

    1. The Jingle Cruise was really neat. It was a great spin on an old favorite!

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