Easter Basket Ideas for the Five and Under crowd!

Updated for 2022

As a mom of seven and, now, grandmother of five, I am looking forward to Easter and Easter Egg Hunts this year! I’m excited to see my grandchildren be so excited and hunt for all their goods.

With that being said, I have Easter Baskets on my mind! Here are a few adorable items I found while I was searching for goodies for the little kiddos in my life!

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My grandkids love cups! Big cups! Little cups! Sparkly cups! AND…any cup their sibling has that they do not!! So, here are a few adorable cups I found that I think are great for Easter Baskets!

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Light-up Toys!

Nothing else needs to be said…they ALL LOVE LIGHT-UP TOYS!

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Rolling Toys

These are super fun and super cute for any preschooler!!

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Again…balls are loved by one and all at this age in life! Any ball will do, but these are some I thought were just perfect for Easter Baskets!

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Who doesn’t want something to cuddle?!?!? And these Squishmallows are my absolute favorite! They are SO SOFT!

These are a little bigger than most Easter baskets, but they are so adorable!

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Snacks (that are not candy)!

Candy is good for the bigger kids, but the little ones are better off with something that is better for them than just candy! Check out these ideas!!

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Other Fun Ideas!

There are so many fantastic items to add to those Easter Baskets besides eggs! Here are the last few I stumbled across!

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And Most Importantly…Easter Baskets!

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