Everything You Need to Know About Saratoga Springs

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort is a huge and beautiful resort. It’s located across the lake from Disney Springs, which makes it an easy walk to Disney Springs. The resort is one of my favorite places to walk because it has nice, well-lit walking paths that go throughout the entire resort.

The front area consists of the main building that houses the lobby, gift shop, and restaurants. There is one quick-service restaurant and one sit-down restaurant in this main building.

Saratoga Springs at Christmas

The Community Hall, main pool, and other activity areas, including the main DVC center, are also in the same area. There are several activities available at the resort, including renting surrey bikes, watching outdoor movies, playing ping-pong, making crafts, enjoying the pool and splash park, and so much more!

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The following consists of some of the basics you want to know about Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort, as well as some unique and fun facts!

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Resort Rooms

The resort consists of several three- or four-story buildings full of various rooms. They have studio rooms, as well as one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom suites.

The majority of the rooms have either patios or balconies. I’m a fan of the balconies, but the patios are nice as well!

Startoga Springs patio

The pictures below are from when we stayed in a studio room that had not been updated yet. The room had a queen bed, a sleeper sofa, and a small table and chairs, in addition to all of the typical items that come in any hotel room.

Saratoga Springs resort hotel room

Additionally, this room has a small kitchenette area. The kitchenette area has a small sink, mini-fridge, toaster, coffee maker, microwave, and paper/plastic utensils. We easily have breakfast in the room each morning before enjoying a day at the parks!

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The Grounds

Next, let’s take a look at the grounds throughout Saratoga Springs! Saratoga Springs is set in a very large area just across the lake from Disney Springs. It’s a beautiful area to walk around and my husband and I enjoy walking around when we stay there.

Walking areas are paved and well-lit. It’s truly is a beautiful area to walk around.

The resort is set up around a lake that is in the middle of the resort, with a golf course off to one side of the resort. The bridge in the pictures below connects the further away locations across the internal lake to the main resort area.

bridge at Saratoga Springs
bridge at Saratoga Springs

The pictures above and below show some of the resort areas across the lake from the main resort area. You can see several resort hotel buildings, as well as one of the pools with a large waterslide and kids’ play area. There are several pools throughout the resort and this is just one of them. However, this is one of the two that have large (2 story+) waterslides.

grounds at Saratoga Springs

In addition to pools for recreation, there are a few picnic areas throughout the resort. This picnic area has picnic tables with charcoal grills that can be used by any guest. We have never used the grills, but every time we walk by some my husband and I always discussed how we need to grill out one trip!

picnic area at Saratoga Springs

Another unique aspect of the grounds at Saratoga Springs is that one of the golf courses at Disney World is right next door. If you are a golfer, this is a great place to stay due to the proximity of the golf course!

golf course at Saratoga Springs resort

However, the best advantage in my opinion is that Disney Springs is right across the lake! You can see it all lit up at night and it’s within walking distance! Depending on where your resort room is located it may take about 20 minutes to walk over, but it really is an easy and enjoyable walk.

Walking distance to Disney Springs
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There are several unique pools throughout Saratoga Springs. Two of them even have large two-story waterslides! The pool closest to the main resort area (near the lobby, Community Hall, and restaurants) is the largest pool.

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I love that they have pool and water activities for big kids and for little kids! I enjoy the big slides!!

Saratoga Springs water slide

They also have water playgrounds, splash pads, and regular playgrounds throughout the property! This is the water playground that is located by the pool across the lake from the main area.

Saratoga Springs playground
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Community Hall

We’ve discussed some activities on the property so far, such as the pools and proximity to Disney Springs. Now, let’s talk about the Community Hall.

The majority of the Deluxe Resorts a Walt Disney World have Community Halls on their property. Each one is slightly different, but the majority of the activities are the same. There are some free activities, such as coloring, borrowing/renting DVDs, and pin trading. They also have paid activities, such as various crafts and painting. Plus, some of the resorts, like Saratoga Springs, allow you to rent surrey bikes!

Some of the activities available at Saratoga Springs are listed on the board below! All the activities below are free and you can borrow the equipment needed (ex. basketballs, tennis rackets, etc…) for free as well!

I like the idea that they make it so easy to know which activities are available when you visit the Community Hall!

Community Hall information at Disney

One of my kids’ favorite activities is ping pong. It’s free and fun! Most deluxe resorts have ping pong tables at their Community Halls and my kids have definitely made use of them on most trips!!

Disney Vacation Club Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa Water Bottle  Customizable
teen fun at Disney World

Also, like I mentioned above, each Community Hall has some free activates and some paid activities. One free activity at Saratoga Springs is that they have free magnets available to guests! There is a limit of one magnet per guest, but free is free and I like free things!

free goodies at Disney

Make sure to check the schedule of activities at the Community Hall because new ones are always popping up! Currently, they have yoga two mornings each week in addition to their regular activities.

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Stained Glass Windows

One special part of Saratoga Springs that is not located at any other place in Walt Disney World is the stained glass windows in the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) tour complex. The windows display a stained-glass rendering of each of the Disney Theme Parks around the world. Each one is pictured below!

Magic Kingdom

amazing views at Disney's Saratoga Springs

Hong Kong Disneyland

Toyko Disneyland

Apparently, I have two pictures of Magic Kingdom and none of Disneyland. I will be fixing that on our next trip!!

castle stain glass windows at Saratoga Springs

FIXED! Here is Disneyland’s stained glass window!!

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Disneyland Paris

Shanghai Disneyland

castle stain glass windows at Saratoga Springs
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Highlights of Disney’s Saratoga Springs

  • Saratoga Springs is close to Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course and Disney Springs.
  • Studios, as well as one-, two-, and three-bedroom villas are available.
  • Beautiful grounds with great walking and jogging areas.
  • Some of the available activities include pools, splash pads, playgrounds, tennis, basketball, cornhole, crafts, DVD rentals, and Surrey bike rides.
  • Plus, don’t forget to check out those amazing stained-glass windows!
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    1. It really is a great resort for the entire family! My husband and I are here again this week and have had a great time!

    1. It really is a great resort! It’s so vast and a joy to walk around and just be at peace, away from the hustle and bustle of life.

    1. Saratoga Springs and Old Key West are both very laid-back resorts. They are a completely different feel from some of the other resorts!

  1. I love ANYTHING DISNEY!! I will certainly pin this and check it out when we plan our next vacation!! Thank you!!

    1. It’s a great resort! We’ve stayed there several times and will be back there again on our upcoming trip!

  2. This a great alternative to the hustle and bustle of Disney World theme park. Lots to do but super relaxing. I am adding this to my list.

    1. It really is a much more relaxed setting. The parks are close, but not super close. Plus the buildings are spread out, so there is never much of a crowd anywhere!

  3. I like how descriptive your write-ups are about the places! Perfect place for groups and family gatherings.. I’ll need to convince my Dad and the golf course nearby might just be it.

    1. It really is a nice, relaxing resort! There is so much to do that doesn’t require a park ticket!

    1. The pool is great. I’ve not done the water slide at the smaller pool yet, but I’m hoping to on our next trip here in the near future!!

    1. It definitely is! My husband and I enjoy the walk to Disney Springs. It’s so nice and peaceful, but you get to see the lights and action at Disney Springs on the walk over.

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