Six Things We LOVE About Lambert’s Cafe

Lambert’s Cafe! Home of the throwed rolls ….mini-road trip for us!!

It’s been almost two months since we have been able to eat inside a restaurant and TODAY WAS THE DAY to have that opportunity again! We chose today to celebrate my son’s “graduation,” even though it meant driving three hours away from our home in Indiana to Missouri!

We have eaten at Lambert’s Cafe a few times in the past and we have always had great experiences! Today was no different!

There are so many things we enjoy about this restaurant and here are our top six!

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Having Food Thrown at Us

Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but that is truly one of the best parts!

The bring around some of the food and serve it to you out of large pots. Other food, such as the rolls, they throw at your from across the restaurant! This is one of our favorite experinces and the only restaurant that I know of where you can enjoy having someone through food at you!

The Atmosphere

It is very much a country setting with a wide variety of novel decoration all around!

Various pictures on the walls capture moments from the past, both history from the restaurant and history in general!

Decorations consist of license plates everywhere, pictures and photographs from years past, and large murals displaying their history.

The Yummy Food

It’s a restaurant that we drove three hours in one direction to have lunch. Needless to say, we enjoy the food!

This one was happy to show off his food!

This one wanted to be left alone so he could eat his food!

Not only are the food portions huge, so are the drink portions!

The Variety of Food

You choose your main dish and then two sides. In addition to the two sides that you choose, they also walk around with “pass arounds.” Pass arounds are sides such as the rolls they throw at your, as well as friend potatoes, mac and cheese, fried okra, and black-eyed peas.

The “Pass Arounds” are endless and you can have as much as your stomach will hold! However, there are no doggie bags for the “Pass Arounds!”

Three Locations

This trip we were in Sikeston, Missouri, their original location and about three hours from our house. They also have locations in Ozark, Missouri and Foley, Alabama!

Next trip I want to see some panda bears at the Memphis Zoo going to or from the restaurant! That is our typical adventure, but not this trip because it is just a short trip for lunch and then back home again.

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One difference about this trip you will notice immediately if you have ever eaten at Lambert’s Cafe before–no wait and the restaurant is nowhere near full.

Due to the social distancing guidelines put into place and Missouri only recently allowing restaurants to open back up for inside dining, there are only a few people eating inside and we were all spread apart.


After driving three hours, I have to honestly say I was happy that there was no wait when we arrived!

Making Memories

Pretty much everything I do is life is to make memeories with my family. Lambert’s is one of the places we talk about when we are at home and I happily throw bread products at my children any time we have them with supper because of Lambert’s!

This most recent trip was to celebrate my son’s high school graduation. Due to COVID-19, he missed out on prom, telling his friends good-bye, and actually getting to walk through graduation. So, I decided to have some fun with the day we were able to pick up his cap and gown from his school!

He was suprised by donuts for breakfast at home and then lunch out to eat! However, lunch was a three-hour drive away!

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Target College Registry

It was definitely a special treat (his pre-graduation party) because we had not been to a Lambert’s in a few years and because this was the first time we were able to sit inside a restaurant to eat in months!

Indiana was still now allowed to have eat-in restaurants at this time, so off to Missouri we went!

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The last time we were there…


I can’t wait to go again!

Our “graduation” trip to Lambert’s Cafe was just one of the many fun parenting activites I do with my kids. I’m consistent. I follow through (which is how graduation-boy got a new iPhone….I bet he couldn’t keep the same phone throughout all of high school…HE won that bet)! I have rules and expectations and we have a WHOLE LOT OF FUN!

Check out some of my parenting secrets in the updated version of my book! It’s available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle!

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31 thoughts on “Six Things We LOVE About Lambert’s Cafe”

  1. I love the ambiance of the restaurant! So fun! I’m also happy you were able to celebrate your son’s graduation out and about! It’s been tough times but looks like it turned out really nice!

  2. What a great way to celebrate your son’s graduation. It looks like a perfect place to eat and the decors are nice.

  3. I’ve eaten at the Lambert’s in Ozark. It’s just about an hour from my home in Joplin MO. My grandkids LOVE to eat here! Fun place.

    1. Since he has had to give up so many special things during his senior year, it was well worth the drive!!

  4. Restaurants in Ohio opened today, but I’m not sure when we’re going to head out to one. I’m having too much fun learning new recipes! I’m glad you were able to have a special graduation celebration!

  5. I have heard of Lambert’s a lot, but have never been. I’ll have to figure out how far we are from the Foley, AL location. My kids would love having rolls thrown at them!

  6. Awww. I love this. The food looks good and it must be to drive for 3 hours! My son is also a Senior and missing out on all these things. I am not sure what we will do to celebrate yet. His graduation is set for May 31st.

  7. We grew up with a restaurant that served in pots and it was so neat! That place burnt down a few years back which was so sad! So cool to hear there are other places that do it!

  8. We LOVE Lamberts too but have not been in years! Definitely need to plan a trip….but, for us, it’s more like 8 hours so I think we’d need to do lunch and dinner. 😉 Congrats to your son, by the way. The class of 2020 will never forget their unique circumstances but it still makes me sad for them.

  9. It looks like a great restaurant for a celebration. We heard about this restaurant a few months ago and immediately added it to our list of places to visit for our “50 States Before Graduation” Challenge.

  10. It looks so fun and inviting! Great that you were able to do some celebrating for your sons graduation.

  11. Congrats to your son on his graduation!!
    Our family has wonderful memories of eating at Lambert’s in Foley. The ‘throwed’ rolls is one of the best parts!

  12. Looks like a fun and yummy experience for the entire family! If I’m ever in the area I will definitely be stopping there to eat!

  13. This looks like so much fun and since they have one in the Ozarks I definitely want to make it a point to visit.

  14. I have seen this restaurant on TV along with the throwing rolls. How funny. But the food – whether happy or not to show us – looked amazing. Is that a ham steak I see in the happy son? That looks massive and delicious. Thanks for sharing this.

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