The Back to School Items Kids Want and Need

Summer is quickly coming to an end, and it’s time to get ready for Back to School. This always brings excitement, as well as some nervousness and uncertainty.

To help kids ease into the new school year, it’s often fun to let them pick out the items they want and need to return to school feeling good about themselves. To make this easier on parents, I’ve picked out a few items the kids will want and need!

Don’t miss these goodies to help the kids start the school year off right!

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Books to get ready for Back to School

Here are some great books to help the little ones transition to school for the first time or back to school!

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Picture Perfect Signs

Don’t miss those perfect back-to-school first-day pictures! Check out these fun signs to always remember the first and last days of every school year!

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Bento Boxes

Forget your plain, ordinary lunch boxes, check out Bento Boxes! These are a fun way to keep the kids eating healthier when they choose to pack their lunch to school!

Bento Boxes are even great to-go lunch containers for teens and adults!

BONUS: Here are a couple of meal planners to make packing lunches even easier!

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Water Bottles

Many schools still do not have regular water fountains available to students, preferring to have the students bring refillable water bottles to school with them instead.

Check out these fun and convenient water bottles!


Harry Potter

Jurrasic Park!

Bonus: Check out these fun collapsible water bottles!

Want an even better idea? Grab a carabiner to attach to the water bottle so they can carry it hands-free and not lose it!

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Pencil Cases

Everyone needs pencil cases! Don’t miss these unique pencil cases that are practical and fun!


This one even has a handle!

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And last, but not least…backpacks!

Backpacks are often one of the most important school items for little ones. They get to choose their favorite color, character, and/or design to show off to their school friends! Here are some of the top ones we have found this year!

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