Practical Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Firefighter!

If you are like me, you tend to be uncertain what presents to get your husband. My husband doesn’t really need anything and will buy whatever it is he needs when he needs it.

Because of this struggle, I had my husband help me come up with some gifts ideas that any firefighter will enjoy and use! These are all items that he has and uses and a couple of times that are still on his wish list!

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Here are some of my husband’s top picks!

Additional Light Sources

Most of us don’t think about it, but there is often not enough lighting when and where we need it. Here are some ideas for additional light sources that are easy for firefighters to carry with them on their turnouts.

Streamlight Survivor Alkaline

Rechargeable Streamlight Survivor

Streamlight Vantage Helmet-Mounted Light

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Necessary Tools of the Trade

Here are some various tools to help make the firefighter’s job just a little easier (and faster…everyone wants them to be able to work faster)!

Channellock The 87 Rescue Tool

Channellock 10″ Cable Cutters

Leather Radio Strap w/ Anti-Sway Strap & Universal Radio 

Tactical Knife

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Where to Hold Those That Gear

Now that they have all these additional tools and gear, they need someplace to put them! Here are some ideas!

Firefighter Four Pocket Tool Pouch

Firefighter Turnout Gear Bag

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I hope these have been helpful ideas! I know there is always some new tool out there to make their jobs easier and these are some of my husband’s favorites!

My husband at work and two of our grandkids came to visit

My husband: Joey has been on our city’s fire department full-time for 23 years. He’s currently the captain at his station. He keeps talking about “retiring,” but we shall see when that happens. He also works part-time for a department in the county close to our house and he was on a different volunteer department prior to getting on our city’s department. So, fire life has been our life for many, many years!

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