My 12 Favorite Amazon Finds for this Summer!

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1- Disney Trading Pins

Disney is open again, so time to celebrate! One of my favorite things to do at Disney World is to pin trade! I purchase mine ahead of time online to save money and then trade-away once I arrive!

2- Packing Cubes!

These are particularly my favorite because they have handles!

3- Matching Shirts

I love the idea of matching shirts when we travel! These are one cute couples’ matching shirts that I found!

4- Adorable Turtle Necklace

Cute necklace for less than $2!

5- Free trial of online kid activities

Free trial of new activities to keep your kids busy and active, especially since they have been out of school for so long!

6- More ideas to help kids learn this summer

I love Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits books and this one puts it in kid language!

7-Cooling Face Covering

Since face coverings are so common anymore, here is a great one I found that is more breathable and comfortable than other masks I have tried!

8- Travel Steamer

I LOVE our travel steamer and take it everwhere! We have a full-size steamer at home and I’ve gotten to were I hate to iron, so the travel steamer is perfect in my suitcase to take with me!

9- Beautiful Outdoor Cups

Great cups for all outdoor summer parties and occasions! They are pretty and plastic, so they won’t break when (not if) they hit the ground!

10- Floating Wine Glasses

I’d had never seen floating wine glasses before, but I think they are amazing! They are the perfect addition to any pool party!

11- Beach Towel

Great beach towel in 32 different colors!

12- Help for your feet!

This is great for all the rough feet and heels after wearing sandles and flip flops all summer!!

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