So many places to go and things to discover! I’m a huge believer in the importance of travel. Travel is a great way to spend time as a family, learn about new things, experience new cultures, and have fun while making fantastic memories! It also teaches the children so many life lessons–how to pack, how to be around people different from themselves, and opens their eyes to many, many different things in life!

Walt Disney World Florida

My family with Pluto while visiting Disney World.
Disney Store

Water Fun


National Parks


Niagara Falls, Canada
Standing with one foot in the United States and one foot in Canada


Multi-generational trip to the Caribbean


Mall of America

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Sea World in San Diego, California

Playing with the fishies at Sea World San Diego!

Restaurants…what a variety!

Rainforest Cafe (always a family favorite every place we travel!)


We definitely love the beach!!
Last Minute Sale Deals

One common theme you see throughout many of these pictures is that we always have our backpacks! They are such a great way to keep everything together and be hands-free!

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