The Adventures of College Move-In Day This Year

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College move-in day is always fun, exciting, and sweaty! So many things to get moved from her previous home to her new dorm room! I honestly didn’t realize how much STUFF she fit into her small dorm room! (At least she has no roommate, but there is no way there would be room for anyone or anything else!!)

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Target College Registry

The First Views

Seeing the first views of her new home for the year are always exciting! It’s a new start to life and to figuring out what she wants to do and who she wants to become.

Seeing her new room for the first time! It is definitely an upgrade from last year! This year she even has a dorm with air conditioning (yes…she had no air conditioning last year).

Her new home……a room of her own!

She even ended up with a room that had its own private bathroom! If she had a bigger bed it would be about like living at home again rather than in a dorm!

I don’t remember college dorms being quite this nice!

She has a great view and a beautiful campus to spend her days learning and growing and making life-long friendships!

Getting a few things put together and sorted out

However, do they have to tell people this?!?! Are there that many fires?!?!

Now that the car’s unloaded…

Off to get some lunch and do a little shopping

We absolutely love Noodles and Company! We don’t have one back home, so it’s great to get to eat at one when we are in Indy (or traveling anywhere else).

It’s absolutely delicious! A great choice for a quick meal that’s fairly healthy!

After lunch, we made a quick trip to IKEA to get a few things for her dorm! She needed a bedside cabinet, bookshelf, bathroom cabinet, and a few other things.

I wanted cinnamon rolls!

IKEA was great and I love any excuse to get those cinnamon rolls, but I had no idea that any place does college registries. I know there are baby and wedding registries, but I had no idea there were college registries!!

Target College Registry

Then back she goes

Off to start the new school year! I leave her behind for the second time (she’s a sophomore in college this year) and head back home.

We have two high schoolers left at home…with one beginning the college application process right now! I will be dropping one more off at college this time next year!

Two Adolescent boys staying in front of a wall tree on the last day of school 2019

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