The Grand Floridian’s Two-Story Gingerbread House

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During the Christmas season, the cast members at the Grand Floridian in Walt Disney World builds a two-story gingerbread house they use as a shop to sell gingerbread treats and other goodies!

It has a fun menu and most of the treats are wrapped to make perfect stocking stuffers or Christmas treats!

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However, not only does the gingerbread house in the Grand Floridian sell gingerbread goodies, it is fully made of gingerbread and other sweet treats!!

I and my family had the opportunity to visit the Grand Floridian and the two-story gingerbread house when we were in Disney World in November of 2019. It was adorable and I cannot manage how much time and effort it took for cast members to put it together piece by piece!

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My two-year-old grandson loved running around the open area near the gingerbread house and talking about the decorations!

I was even able to get a quick picture with him when the Photo Pass Photographer first came out to take pictures!

They even have a special Disney trading pin they sell each year to memorialize the Christmas at the Grand Floridian.

Here is a picture of the Disney Pin for 2019!

I’m very glad my family and I had the opportunity to enjoy the beginning of the Christmas season at Disney World! Disney World is always amazing, but Christmas time is my favorite (with Halloween being in a very close second place)!

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