Activities while You and Your Family are Quarantined!

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Updated….check out the new ideas added at the end of this post!!

Now is the perfect time to catch up on all those things you wished you had time to do!

Here are a few online options that allow you to keep your social distancing while getting those pushed-off life tasks completed!

Have Adventures at Home!

Since you are at home with your loved ones for an unknown amount of time, you might as well have some fun and make some great family memories!

Fun with Younger Kids

  • Color
  • Draw
  • Read books together
  • Have a tea party (with real treats)
  • Have an indoor picnic
  • Build a fort together
  • Make slime
  • Play dress-up
  • Practice with flashcards
  • Make a sensory table or bin and play in it
  • Have a practice Easter Egg hunt (and let the kids hide them for you too)
  • Have fun with chores (our favorite was having the kids put on swimsuits, clear the kitchen of all furniture, and let the kids slide around on the floor with some soapy water and clean the floor!) Destination Inspiration: Not sure where to go? You've come to the right place!

Fun with Older Kids and Teens

  • Make a scavenger hunt for the kids
  • Have the kids make a scavenger hunt for you
  • Art projects
  • Teach them to make their favorite food(s)
  • Play board or card games together
  • Plan activities for younger siblings or younger neighborhood children to help keep them entertained during this time of quarantine
  • Plant a garden outside or inside the house
  • Do creative activities…projects, make your own game, etc….
  • Make a vision board!
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Fun with Any Age

  • Bake something together
  • Prepare a themed meal (Hawaiian, Mexican, BBQ, pirate, princess, etc…)
  • Have an in-home popcorn and movie festival
  • Check out Scholastic Learn at Home
  • Plan your next family vacation…for when you can finally leave your home again!
  • Do a puzzle together
  • Explore BrainPop
  • Play basketball, four-square, or another active outdoor game in your driveway or back yard
  • Paint
  • Scrapbook or make a picture collage
  • Do science experiments with Bill Nye The Science Guy
  • Bake a treat for someone
  • Make a gift for someone
  • Take funny pictures of yourself and family members and make a quarantine scrapbook

Order craft kits online, have them delivered to your home, and do them together as a family!

Also, check out Imagineering in a Box by Disney!

Keep Up with Regular Activities

  • Chores
  • Reading time (if this is not already a daily activity, this is a GREAT time to start!)
  • Have downtime
  • Have family time
  • Do educational activities
  • Exercise, go for a walk, get some fresh air, etc…
  • Keep regular sleep schedules

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Tasks to Accomplish With Your New Free Time

  • Spring Cleaning
  • Find items to donate to a local charitable organization once the quarantine is lifted
  • Call, email, or FaceTime family and friends you cannot spend time with regularly right now
  • Learn about a new animal or insect every day!
  • Prep those Easter Baskets for your little ones and for the Disney Fans in your life! So many goodies can be found online and delivered directly to your home!

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Check out Online Adventures!

So many zoos and museums are hosting online programs and virtual tours. This is a great way for you (and your family) can have fun at home with some of that free time! You can check out:

Nephew and uncle wearing Christmas necklaces and holding Stitch stuffed toys outside of Rainforest Cafe

Visit Zoos and Aquariums online!

Easter Island statue at the British Museum in London, England

Visit Museums online!

Boy with moutain range behind him

Visit Other Amazing Locations online!

Check out our online mini-course with great ways to manage anxiety while we are all dealing with the coronavirus issues.

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Plan Your Next Family Vacation

Plan some Disney Fun

Minnie's Hollywood and Vine
Discount Disney Tickets

Consider Disney World tours! Check out the fantastic time we had doing the Keys to the Kingdom Tour!

Keys to the Kingdom tour advertisement

Send Disney Subscription boxes!!

Check out other amusement parks

Spend a day at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Check out even more SeaWorld Deals!

SeaWorld & Aquatica – Two great parks. One great deal. Discovery Cove
Mom and daughter by Sea Life in Mall of America
Visit SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium

Check Out Atlanta

See what the Atlanta aquarium has to offer

Visit Boston

Think Warm and Sunny

There is never a bad time to think about the perfect beach vacation!

Mexico Beach scene with man in hammock

Check out Chicago

Discover Texas

Check out SeaLife in Texas!

Book online and save up to 23% off standard admission to SEA LIFE Grapevine!

See what Seattle has to offer

Think time alone with your partner once the kids go back to school…

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Start those Wish Lists!

Is your college or high school student graduating this year? Are you or your best friend getting married or having a baby! Start those wish lists now! They are fun and give you something to do once you are tired of all the streaming movie platforms for the day!

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Give your friends and family ideas for what you would like as a wedding gift…

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Let your family know what you would like as a graduation present…fill your dorm or new apartment with all kinds of goodies!

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And…..since babies may be coming in 9 months anyway…might a well think ahead!

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Check out some information provided about helping your children manage this isolation period.

SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, & Aquatica Passes

For more ideas, tips, tricks, checklists, print-outs, and more, check out our keeping busy while at home mini-course!


Check out our online mini-course with great ways to manage anxiety while we are all dealing with the coronavirus issues.

New ideas…added 4/11/2020

32 thoughts on “Activities while You and Your Family are Quarantined!”

  1. I love this – thank you for sharing!!! My boys were getting a bunch of crafts in their Easter basket and I keep wondering if I should be breaking them out early!!

  2. I love this! We want to get to the Georgia Aquarium so bad! We didn’t know there was a webcam! Great information for the kids too!

  3. Great ideas! I love that so many exhibits have made online viewing possible. My grandson loves viewing the animals!

  4. Your blog is a never-ending source of information and ideas for those of us with children. I love this blog and each post you make! Thank you for providing it!

  5. these are great !I just dropped an article on virtually traveling through American history with everything from virtual museums to interactive games. there are some great opportunities here we have with our kids to teach meaningful things!

  6. Thanks for this list! I enjoy watching the aquarium shows and visiting virtual museums. It is definitely tough trying to get teens to do anything that is educational!

    1. Me too! I have not done it yet, but I plan on sitting down with my kids and doing it one day this week! I have enjoyed some of the zoos and aquariums online so far!

  7. Great Tips! There is a lot you can do with your family if you get creative. We baked bread, played on the slip and side out side, and had a suduko competition. We have also been on a lot of hikes in the desert.

    1. Great ideas!! I’m hoping this will be a fun time at home and not just a very long Spring Break at home!!

  8. Loving exploring the online museums – and have been following the Shedd Aquarium as the penguins explore the museum! Who would have ever thought we’d see that!

  9. Definitely thinking warm and sunny thoughts while watching my little plants grow by the window! πŸ™‚ Great suggestions, thanks!

  10. What a great and comprehensive list! I will definitely be looking into some of these activities with my 9-year-old and my 4-year-old. Thanks for the suggestions – us mamas have to stick together! πŸ˜‰

  11. Great ideas I have three little ones and So I need lots of inspiration on how to keep busy with them if this happens!

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